Solutions for Service Providers

SIP Trunking

AudioCodes’ SIP Trunking solutions are an ideal choice for service providers deploying SIP trunking services. At the customer premises, these solutions allow service providers to benefit from quick, easy and reliable deployments as well as enabling their customers to continue using their existing PBX and IP-PBX systems while migrating from TDM to SIP trunking services. This migration can be done with minimum business disruption and with the assurance of high quality communication services. The modular design of AudioCodes SIP trunking devices enables service providers to leverage SIP trunking services as a ‘foot in the door’ that will enable quick and easy remote migration to hosted UC services in the future.

At the service provider core, AudioCodes’ appliance and software-based access SBCs provide an NFV-ready, highly secure and feature-rich solution which includes advanced features such as scalable and flexible transcoding and support for WebRTC.

Service Providers deploying SIP Trunking services

SIP Trunking Products

Smooth SIP Trunking Connectivity

  1. Seamless connectivity with virtually any IP-PBX/PBX
  2. Auto configuration wizard
  3. Zero-touch provisioning
  4. Hybrid SIP and TDM connectivity
  5. Number portability migration support

Voice Quality Enhancement

  1. Unique built-in tool to assure high voice quality in various network conditions
  2. Real-time quality measurement & automatic trigger of quality enhancement
  3. Adaptive Jitter Buffer, Dynamic Transcoding, Trans-rating, Quality Based Routing
  4. Supported by deep in-house DSP expertise

Complete Voice Resiliency

  1. Fallback to PSTN in case of WAN failure
  2. Multiple and redundant WAN connections
  3. Enterprise-grade high availability with redundant deployment

Voice Services Security

  1. Specifically designed protection against VoIP threats
  2. Enhance the traditional firewall data protection
  3. Secure & monitor the voice infrastructure without sacrificing service quality and performance