Solutions for Service Providers

UCaaS – Unified Communications as a Service

Designed to enable reliable and quality delivery of cloud-based services, AudioCodes’ UCaaS solutions, comprise of a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software products. AudioCodes is a perfect choice for service providers who are deploying Cloud and Hosted UC services. Based on unique survivability, resiliency, high voice quality assurance, and advanced remote management features, AudioCodes’ UCaaS solutions enable service providers to deliver their business customers reliable and quality cloud services as well as provide them the confidence they need to place their key communications functions in the cloud.

Service Providers deploying Cloud and Hosted UC services

UCaaS Enablement Products


Comprehensive Solutions for Leading UCaaS Environments

AudioCodes enables service providers to benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software products that complement leading UCaaS platforms.

Ensure Business Continuity Services

  1. Seamless connectivity with virtually any IP-PBX/PBX
  2. Unique Standalone Survivability (SAS) and Cloud Resilience Package (CRP)
  3. PSTN fallback in case of loss of connection
  4. Multiple and redundant WAN (xDSL, Copper and Fiber Ethernet, Mobile 3G/4G)
  5. Keep internal IP telephony services operational in case of loss of connection
  6. Emergency mode

Enhance Productivity

  1. Excellent desk phone user experience with integrated superior HD Voice and OPUS codecs
  2. VocaNOM – Voice activated name dialing application
  3. Enable WebRTC business connectivity with integrated support both on the SBC as well as on the IP Phone

Gradual and Safe Cloud Migration

  1. Scalable and modular design allows price and configuration to fit any business type from SOHO, SMB and up to SME
  2. Supports remote installation and activation of SBC, VoIP GW and routing applications on the same hardware platform

Coexist with on-premises PBX

  1. Investment protection by supporting gradual and flexible migration to hosted services
  2. Enable service connectivity with the legacy PBX and other analog devices such as Fax
  3. Enable share connectivity between existing IP-PBX system and new hosted UC services