About SkyMate

SkyMate provides offshore communications systems and services to the commercial marine sector.    The core constituents include:

• Ship/Fleet Owners
• Captains Crew
• VMS Regulators

Founded in 2003 as marine systems provider of the Orbcomm satellite network, SkyMate distinguished itself in providing low cost modern user interface approaches starting with software on laptops, and now open to a wide variety of third party UI platforms from smart phone to MFD. It has maintained an approach to maximize the value of every bit sent over the satellite and is widely regarded as the most affordable offshore system while providing a broad suite of functions. SkyMate also pioneered onboard IOT, allowing shore management to remotely monitor and control their assets.

SkyMate holds active VMS type approvals in many jurisdictions around the world, particularly the notoriously challenging Greater Atlantic Region of the US.   Here you will find dozens of regulated catch and other forms, and annual upgrades. In fact, this region was SkyMate’s first entry into VMS fifteen years ago. The use of modern software technologies has made the firm agile in the demanding marketplaces.

Within the suite of services, the SOS function today is especially important to the SkyMate team. Where ever you are in the sea, the feature routes your distress call to the nearest appropriate search and rescue operation and the services opens a dialogue with the crew on board to provide updates on what the situation is.