Commercial System Overview

In today’s fleet management world, of course the large fleets with the massive vessels and the large corporate IT resources enjoy the benefits of extending the internet to the vessel. Extending IT systems from the desk to the bridge. SkyMate does not have internet on board systems. For the rest of the market fleets and vessels were left with waiting until the ship docked, or an exception based Sat phone call to stay in touch. SkyMate is a new option. A powerful fleet communications system at a cost that small and medium sized companies can afford.

What SkyMate does is expand management from the shore to the ship. What it provides is a means to objectively track in real time what is going on with the fleet and make plans adjustments accordingly. SkyMate provides business communications between ship and shore, everything from custom forms to texts and emails with small attachments. SkyMate provides IOT asset management between the office and the vessels hundreds and thousands of miles away, let you monitor fuel levels, engine data, gear usage, at sea idle times, etc.

For the captain and crew, SkyMate provides tools that enhance safety such as current weather updates, email alerts, and an SOS feature to request emergency help. It provides the tools to stay connected with the office and loved ones.

For those commercial fishing fleet operators, note that SkyMate has versions that are type approved in many jurisdictions as a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS). One tool for both internal use and regulatory reporting.

SkyMate has a simplicity of design that makes it easy to use, easy to install and easy to service. It is driven by open standards principals. Use your own software, Outlook or Gmail for email, connect the shore to your IT system with APIs, customize forms for data capture, connect the system to NMEA bus, add a sensor of your choice or design to monitor or control remotely. Onboard, use any or many user interface devices, the smartphone or tablet, an onboard laptop or PC system and even one of the many MFDs that support the SkyMate user interface.

When you talk to your SkyMate dealer you will quickly see the simple return on investment and the manageable scale of the investment that makes SkyMate a very unique, powerful new management tool for the small and medium sized commercial fleet.