m1600 Commercial System Hardware

The m1600 hardware is user friendly and very easy to install (DIY) and operate.  It’s plug-and-play right out of its eco-friendly box.

The system works with any UI device that has a web browser.  You just Wi-Fi connect your device to the m1600, point your browser to the m1600 (mseries.online) and you are in.  The Wi-Fi password is your security; after you first connect, there is no login required.  The SI-TEX Navstar and Raymarine Axiom MFDs can also be used to connect to the m1600.

The KeyPad provides the user an indication whenever there is an message (email or SMS) waiting to be viewed.  When the UI device connects and views the message the light goes out.  When Sentry is installed, the Sentry button allows the user to engage/disengage the Sentry monitoring (depending on how the user configures the rules).  The SOS buttons (both need to be pressed simultaneously to activate/deactivate this function) are available even when the unit is powered OFF.  A full description of the KeyPad operation is available under Support à documentation.

The LEDs on the Communications Hub provide status of the system, which are mostly useful when the system is not operating as expected.  A full description of the LEDs is available under

Operating: -15°C to 55°C

Non-Operating: -35°C to 60°C

IEC 60945, EN 60529, IP67

For operation in both nominal 12V and 24VDC battery systems

Less than 5W power required (fully configured)

Reverse wiring polarity protection

Continuous over-voltage protection

Firmware updates over satellite and via terminal

Integrated audio notifications (buzzer)

Customizable Geo-fencing

Global Search and Rescue

NMEA 2000, USB, Wi-Fi, BLE communications capability

57mm(H) x 133mm(W) x 133mm(L)

Weight 0.50kg

Vertical or horizontal mounting bracket provided

2m power cable with USB

Wi-Fi access point

LED status indicators

Internal battery for monitoring and emergency operation

94mm(H) x 127mm(W) x 54mm(L)

Weight 0.72kg

Surface or pole mounting options

10m CAT5 cable (can be extended up to 30m)

Dual Iridium/GPS antenna

13mm(H) x 102mm(W) x 102mm(L)

Weight 0.20kg

Adhesive or bolt mounting options

2m cable (can be extended up to 12m)

m1600 Accessories

The m1600 has several accessories (not included) which may be required for your installation or to provide functional extensions.

Cables: There are 10m extension cables available for the Smart Antenna and the Keypad. For the Smart Antenna, two extensions cables can be added (maximum 30m); for the KeyPad, only one extension cable can be added (maximum 12m).

Siren: An external siren can be connected to the system. It will operate in conjunction with the integrated audible notifications (buzzer). The default conditions that set off the buzzer/siren are: the External Power disconnected; the Vessel is outside EEZ geo-zone or the SOS function is activated.